Whether it's a fundraiser, or just a fun activity, kids and parents know and love Pictureproducts.

It's a simple concept—a child's own drawing made into their very own melamine dinner plate—and it's something they'll keep forever. Pictureproducts makes it easy to run a meaningful project that raises funds for your school while turning happy memories into treasured keepsakes.

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  • No up-front costs, all materials are supplied free. There's even a sample Pictureplate for you to keep.
  • Wide range of add-on products for all budgets: mugs, tote bags, calendars, water bottles, pencil cases and more.
  • Keep updated with online order tracking and automatic updates by email.
  • Pictureproducts make superb gifts for family and friends.
  • Pre-print your Pictureplates with your school's name or logo.

With 2.8 million Pictureproducts made for Australian kids since 1977, the Pictureplate is a fundraising tradition.

We're very proud to make our Pictureplates here in Sydney using solar power. We are a family-owned small business, now in the second generation.